Walking Tours of Ancient Rome:
A Secular Guidebook to the Eternal City

by Gary Devore

(Paperback (Second Edition), 398 pages, $24.95; Digital Download (First Edition), $9.99)

This guidebook is designed for tourists and scholars who are interested in exploring first-hand the grandeur and magnificence that was ancient Rome through a Humanist, secular, and freethinking lens.

Twelve walking tours are designed around districts of the city. All are planned to be accessible by foot, or a combination of foot and bus. It is also possible to design your own itinerary if you already know the city quite well.

Now in a fully updated and expanded Second Edition! The Second Edition of "Walking Tours of Ancient Rome" completely updates all of the text, illustrations, and content of the previous version.


A Companion to Walking Tours of Ancient Rome: Museums and Day Trips

(Paperback (Second Edition), 204 pages, $14.95)

This volume is a companion to "Walking Tours Of Ancient Rome", a guidebook designed for tourists and scholars who are interested in exploring firsthand the ruins of ancient Rome through a secular, Humanistic, and freethinking lens.

The "Companion" contains detailed entries on the collections of the Capitoline Museums, the Vatican Museums, the Museo Barracco, and the Palazzo Altemps. Descriptions, historical information, and mythological backgrounds are given for hundreds of artifacts and pieces of art.

This volume also incorporates two detailed day trips that are possible from the city center. The first visits the ruins of Rome's port city Ostia this is an excavated urban landscape comparable to Pompeii and Herculaneum. The second day trip travels to the remains of the expansive villa complex the emperor Hadrian built at Tivoli.


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